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Ann is an associate Broker and has served clients in the Southern California real estate market for the past 16 years. Ann is a great negotiator, dedicated to getting her clients the most value for their investments. Ann prides herself on personal service and will go 1000 extra miles to help clients buy or sell property at the absolute best price possible. Ann works in residential as well as income properties.

Ann owned her own successful accessories and clothing design/manufacturing company until 1998. Ann then began representing clients, as well as buying and selling properties; designing and building 10 prefab homes. She currently owns several rental properties.

Ann is an avid swimmer, tennis player, wave rider, scuba diver and skier. Ann’s favorite spots are Jackson Hole and Turks & Caicos. Ann speaks some Spanish and has lived in NYC, Paris, Manila, Singapore, Taipei, and Jakarta.


Nancy Mizuno & Ron Sim - Ann Ward helped my husband Ron and I find our beautiful home in Culver City. I was very pregnant,but somehow we were able to find our home in time for our daughter Anika’s birth.
Originally, we found a larger, more expensive home in an industrial area of Culver City that was already with an accepted offer.

Ann went to every effort to try and get this home for us, but it wasn’t to be.

It really all worked out for the best because we love our neighborhood in the Farragut School District. Ann helped us through the entire process, finding a great home inspector and helping with the escrow process. We even use her handyman for small repairs. Now we have our son Dante so we are four in our cute Culver City home.

Debbie Posada - Ann Ward has been my friend for many years. I watched her buy her beautiful home in Culver City in 1998, and she encouraged me to buy real estate just a few years later. It was my first real estate investment, and I was concerned about finding a nice condominium in a desirable area with great amenities all within my price range of under $250k. Ann showed me everything on the Westside but the price range was not getting me the areas or amenities I was looking for.

Being a CPA with a very busy work schedule, Ann had to do much of the legwork for me in narrowing down my options. She convinced me into venturing into the Valley for a better fit within my price range. She found a great condominium complex, Studio Village in Studio City. She had lived in Studio City years before and told me it was conveniently located for getting to my office and the area was set for potential growth and potential increase in value. It turned out to be an excellent alternative to the Westside! Ann found the right place for me with great amenities. It took some proactive negotiating on her part to secure a neighboring unit that was actually in “pending” status. It carried a lower price and potential for custom upgrades compared to the pricier one that was in “active” status. Ann called the agent constantly and, as luck would have it, it fell out of escrow within a couple of days. She previewed the unit immediately and insisted I leave work to view this “perfect” unit…she was right! I entered a relatively short escrow, closing just before tax season was in full swing. She even helped me find contractors to install new hardwood floors, scrape the popcorn ceilings and paint the interior on a tight budget.

I have thoroughly enjoyed settling down in the Valley, love the Studio City area and am happy to see that the entire area has experienced strong business/residential growth and a great increase in value and popularity.

Ann is very knowledgeable in all things real estate, and I still call her for repair advice and input regarding the real estate market. I would recommend her as your realtor because she is very pro-active and diligent in her market research. She works hard on your behalf!

Eva Lund - Ann Ward has been a very good friend for many years. My partner, Paul and I decided to list our spec home we were building in lower Beachwood Canyon. Ann brought her office manager and fellow realtors through the home to help talk about a listing price. I think Ann thought we wanted too much for the listing. The consensus was to list at $999,000 and most felt we would only actually get somewhere around $899,000. We had really spared no expense on the project; putting high end flooring, fixtures, windows, and smooth coat texture. However, our street contained much less expensive homes with a few unkempt rentals neighboring our stunning Spanish/Modern home.

We really needed to get much more money out of the project! We made a deal to list at $1,129,000 and told Ann we would even give her an additional 1% commission if she could get full price on the home. Ann went around cleaning up neighbors trash cans, trying to get neighbors to park their cars down the street, and even asking them to trim their trees to help out the view. Ann held many open houses personally, sent many flyers to promote, and also advertised the listing every weekend.

Ann finally found the couple who happened by her open house very late on a Sunday evening at dusk. They really loved the home and we did get full price!!


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